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This is "Onefiftythree 2.0"

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Tenacious Love

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CCLI #7067532

Tenacious Love made it into the Top 7 for's 2018 3rd Quarter contest. And a Christian Songwriting Facebook group creator/moderator wrote, "Yes! What a nice song with a chorus that delivers great singable Biblical Truth!" Worship Song Swap

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You Hold All Things Together

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CCLI #6451143

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You hold all things together

You hold all things together

Every planet in the sky

All the drops that form the ocean wide

Your strong hands gently hold me as Your child

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Matchless Grace

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CCLI #7022633

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My Whole World Is Shaking (You're Holding Me Still)

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CCLI #7121338

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Earthly suffering is guaranteed to come

Like the cycle of the seasons or the dawning of the sun

When worries keep me trembling on terrain of deep distress 

There's a sure and steady footing on which I stand and I possess 

My whole world is shaking, but you're holding me still


Do you want to hear older songs? (Onefiftythree 1.0)

These are songs that were NOT created and produced to high quality standards. Although they were OK for what we were doing at the time, you may find off-pitch vocals, mysterious lyrics, drum machine tracks, poor mixing/mastering, odd background noises, and rough demos. They may be fun to hear. But then again, maybe not. Eventually, any one of them might be re-recorded and end up in the Recent Songs section, but don't count on it. If you accept the listening risks, click the link below. 

I accept the risks - take me to the dungeon