Tenacious Love

Verse 1

C                  D      G/B 

Passion overflowed 

C                        D     G/B

From Your suffering

C             D     G/B                 C                                 D      G/B      D

Like a hurricane, Your vast love overwhelms me


                                            G/B                                         Cadd9

You loved me on a cross and carried all my shame                                                 

                                     Am7                       D

Declaring every debt was fully paid

            B7                          Em       G/B                            A7sus4

You love me when I fail, restore me when I fall 

                      A                             C                   G/B       Dsus

There's nothing that defeats Your kind of love

          D          G/B          Cadd9 

Tenacious love, oh  oh  

                         Am7              D

Tenacious love, oh oh oh

Verse 2

Leaving death behind

You stood resolute

Spreading grace relentlessly with love so absolute


Bridge 2x

G/B                                             Cadd9

Powerful, unstoppable, unwavering, true

Am                                                           D

Never ending, always seeking is your love

Chorus (1st four lines)


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