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Music in The Dungeon is not for sale, it's only for your listening pleasure, or humor. If you have a burning desire to buy any of this music (we really doubt it), use the contact form to get in touch with us. Now, continue at your own risk.


"Here I Am" is a song about the second appearance of Jesus to the disciples after the resurrection.

Here I Am

CCLI #5204638

"Sell It All" is about the rich young ruler who had difficulty letting go of his worldly possessions

Sell It All

CCLI #6451150

"Why Not Me" was written after meeting WWII with some veterans who were at the Battle of the Bulge.

Why Not Me

"Together" is about the church universal and our life with each other and God.


CCLI #4377906

"Watching Me" is about what it's like being a new believer.

Watching Me

CCLI #4959537

"Jonah" is a children's song about a man, a call from God, and his response.


CCLI #5204645

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CCLI #5919208

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Broken Walls

CCLI #6192574

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Together In Your Presence

CCLI #5139363

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Paid In Full

CCLI #5204999

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Who Set The Sun On Fire

CCLI #4924737

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High Point