Crafting Songs To Glorify God

Crafting Songs To Glorify God

Crafting Songs To Glorify GodCrafting Songs To Glorify God

The heavens declare the glory of God. The skies proclaim the work of his hands.

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Who We Are

The Really Important Stuff

Our Influences

Onefiftythree crafts worship songs that are then produced and recorded by a collection of very gifted Christian and sometimes non-Christian musicians. Some of these musicians have never met, others have known each other for a long time. In essence, this is a virtual studio band.  Our desire is to spread the hope and Good News of the Gospel through worship music that is pleasing to the ear, memorable, and most importantly, honoring to Christ Jesus.

Past and current contributors include:

Amy K (aka McAmy): Violin

Christi S : Vocals

Jeff L: Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Jim L: Bass, Vocals

Joey D: Recording Engineer

Laura B: Vocals

Levi B: Guitar

Mark M (aka "M"): Drums, Percussion

Nate L: Creative Consultant

Tom S: Drums

Ray S: Guitar

Drew M: Nashville Demo Factory


Our Influences

The Really Important Stuff

Our Influences

Being a virtual band with seemingly unlimited members, we have a very wide variety musical backgrounds and tastes. From symphonies to silly love songs (yeah, that's an old Paul McCartney hit), you might just hear those and other influences from time to time in our songs.


The Really Important Stuff

The Really Important Stuff

The Really Important Stuff

No matter what songs we write, whether they become hits or not, if we have 1 like or 10,000 likes on Facebook, our purpose is to honor God and glorify him forever. And just as our relationship with God is most important, our relationship with others is important, too. 

If you have a prayer need, please feel free to use the form on our Contact Page to let us know. At least one of us will pray for you.